Game Jam 2022

What is Game Jam 2022?


Virtual Game Jam

A team of lecturers at TU Dublin will be hosting a virtual weekend Game Jam starting from Friday 25th February 2022 at 10 to Sunday 27th at 23:59. The purpose of this Game Jam is to develop educational games for use in language learning. Besides being a bit of online fun, some of other benefits of participating are:

  • Prizes – yeah!
  • Meeting students from other campuses
  • Showcase your work (winning games will be used by learners at and will be available on

Game Brief

Create an educational game for language learning. It can cover a specific topic or a general area of language learning such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking or listening. There is a pre-existing online resource that teams can use for reference content

Or www.languagespathways (let’s play). You can also check our Game Jam finalists at and play the two mini-games developed following Game jam 2021! Here:

ANY format of games is good – paper, PPT, Twine… there will be a short tutorial on game design provided for all participant teams.


Registration will be open to TUDublin students from the following programmes: Business, Creative Digital Media and Game Design. Teams will be formed before the event with at least one person from each of the three disciplines. The minimum size is 3 and the maximum is 4. Registration deadline: Friday 18th February 5pm.


The event will be hosted on MS Teams. After the launch, teams can continue to use Teams or setup their communication server on Discord or Slack/Whatsapp for instance. There will be 2 one hour-long clinics during the weekend.


  • The jam will operate only within the weekend time period allocated
  • The jam is only open to registered TU Dublin students
  • Any media/game development tool can be used.
  • The game must be uploaded before the submission deadline (Sunday 27th 23:59)

How to register for Game Jam 2022

Simply complete the registration form here:

It’s free to enter, fun to do, and there are loads of prizes – so get your name in quick!

Game Jam 2021

Want to know what to expect? Take a look at what happened in last year’s game jam!

Games produced during the three days of Game Jam 2021:

Play the two mini-games developed:

Watch a demonstration of the process of developing the winning game over the three days of Game Jam 2021:

Click the image to view a showreel of game development process by the winning team
(Evan Williams, Tochi Ugochukwu, Evan Harris, John Gillman)

The final game is hosted here: