Proceedings of G2T 2020

On this page you will shortly find all contributor presentations from the Games To Teach 2020 conference. A video recording of the event will also be shared on here.

Presenter Institution Presentation title Link to presentation
Professor Nicola Whitton University of Durham, UK Game-Based Learning, Gamification, and the Potential of Play in Higher Education (Keynote)
Dr Mark Glynn DCU, Ireland How to use the Gamification Features in Moodle (and other VLEs) (Workshop)
Dr Alex Moseley University of Leicester, UK Designing Quick and Effective Games for Learning (Workshop)
Note: Workshop materials are freely available from
Hugh McCabe TU Dublin, Ireland Civil War: A Board Game for Teaching (Pecha Kucha Presentation – link directs to online paper)
Dr David Gaul TU Dublin, Ireland Gamifying Research Methods (Pecha Kucha Presentation)
Dr Antonio Coelho University of Porto, Portugal Creatively Learning Programming in Digital Media Education (Pecha Kucha Presentation)
Lauren Maher TU Dublin, Ireland Serious Games for Low Energy Building Construction Worker Training (Pecha Kucha Presentation)
Tom Mulvey TU Dublin, Ireland Playful Learning in Higher Education – Speed Dating – A Playful Way to Do a CA! (Pecha Kucha Presentation)
Dr Aude Doody UCD, Ireland Game-Based Learning in Beginners’ Latin Teaching (Pecha Kucha Presentation)
Dr Matt Smith TU Dublin, Ireland QuadFactor 2.0: Using Game Technologies to Support Second Level Mathematics Students (Poster Presentation)
Dr Helen Williams TU Dublin, Ireland Can Games Make Lectures Fun (and Still Teach)? Using Kahoot! as a Tool for Student Engagement, Learning and Assessment (Poster Presentation)
Peter Weadack IADT, Ireland What’s the Story, Pacioli? (Poster Presentation)
Nathalie Cazaux TU Dublin, Ireland From Pen and Paper to Digital Tools – an Investigation on the Development & Use of Game-Based Resources for Language Learning (Poster Presentation)