CoP Activities

Members Survey – January 2021

To guide the direction of the CoP a members survey was conducted. Of 76 responses some key results are as follows:

Pie chart of member experience
How experienced do you consider yourself in the use of games or play for teaching?
Never used this approach but want to find out more – 35%
Relative novice – use it occasionally – 37%
Use elements of games and play fairly often – 21%
Very experienced in the use of games or play – 7%
Pie chart - learning from experts

Opportunity to learn more from experts
Very useful – 95%
Fairly useful – 4%
Not very useful – 1%
Pie chart - sharing with peers

Opportunity to share ideas with peers
Very useful – 70%
Fairly useful – 1%
Not very useful – 29%

Inaugural Event – February 2021

  • Showcase demos – gamification in practice
  • Breakout sessions in Teams channels
    • 5:15 – Tom Mulvey
    • 9:30 – Ana Schalk
    • 12:40 – Hugh McCabe
    • 15:30 – David Gaul
  • Summary and next steps
  • Afterparty demoing GatherTown as potential resource

Asynchronous Event – March 2021

  • Series of videos on member experiences with games in the classroom
  • Sharepoint page of video resources from colleagues here.
  • Promoted discussion in the CoP team channels

Are you interested in adding a video of your games-base practice? Just record something short (2 to 4 minutes) and send the link any of the committee members to add it to the Sharepoint site.

Website established – April 2021

Other Activities

  • Cross-campus collaboration within committee and wider membersip
  • Established a MS Teams space for online collaboration
  • Continuous engagement with building Padlet wall of resources

Future Plans

We are providing funding for a number of members to attend Advanced HE Innovation in Teaching Practice: Gamification 2. Members who receive funding are asked to contribute insights gained to the community of Practice in the form of a collaborative workshop.

We will also be purchasing a toy box of games and licenses by the end of May 2021. Ideas and suggestions for game-related purchases were drawn from member discussions. These will be ready for evaluation when classes kick off next September (or as soon as campus activity is resumed).